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FoodFacts remembers years ago, when many of us were children, back before the internet, food companies found creative ways of advertising to smaller people. They knew, even back then, that kids were pretty valuable. Put a toy in a box … Continue reading

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Foodfacts was not surprised to learn in a report released from the Environmental Working Group, we’ve discovered that many of the breakfast cereals are kids are eating could be reasonably marketed as desserts based on the amount of sugar per … Continue reading

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Here at, we like to keep our readers informed of all current and up-to-date information regarding health and food. Here is a recent news article discussing the 10 scariest food additives in some of the most popular food products … Continue reading

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Here’s another example of artificial food dyes being used in foods in America but not in the United Kingdom. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bars…check out the comparisons in the video! Here’s the American version and here’s the United Kingdom’s version. We like … Continue reading

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Starting each day with a bowl of cereal — especially a whole-grain variety — could trim up to 20% off your risk of developing high blood pressure, according to preliminary research presented Tuesday at an American Heart Association meeting in … Continue reading

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If a breakfast cereal changes the color of your milk, that’s a good sign it’s loaded with chemical additives, says “Food Rules” author Michael Pollan.

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When most of us have a bowl of cereal, especially those that claim they are “healthy,” we never think about their sugar content, but the fact is that some cereals on the market has as much sugar as ice cream … Continue reading

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According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Cheerios cereal may not be as healthy as the package claims. According to the FDA, the label on the boxes says that eating Cheerios can lower bad cholesterol and reduce your risk … Continue reading

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