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Have you heard about the new McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Burger? If you Google the new burger, you’ll see that the big news here is that this is the only burger besides the Big Mac that features the “special sauce” that … Continue reading

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Short answer: they’re both pretty bad. Back in November, Burger King reintroduced its own version of the Big Mac. The Big King originally appeared on the Burger King menu back in 1997. It was — and still is — an … Continue reading

Posted in Big King, Big Mac, Burger King, McDonald's | Tagged , , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment would like to report that McDonald’s president, Jan Fields, announced today that the major fast-food franchise will now be serving healthier happy meals for their younger customers. Regardless of criticism, this is quite a big deal for many of … Continue reading

Posted in Big Mac, calories, cholesterol, diabetes, diet, facts, fat, food, Happy meal, McDonald's, sodium | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment wants to help you learn more about what controversial ingredients manufacturers are putting into your foods. Let’s look into the relatively little-known ingredient called Azodicarbonamide. If you enjoy eating bread, donuts, subs and bread-related products while eating out, perhaps … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Scrambled Eggs takes a deeper look into the ingredients in some of McDonald’s most popular foods!McDonald’s scrambled eggs are not just made with whole eggs; they are also filled with preservatives, hydrogenated oils, food coloring, and other additives. … Continue reading

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