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Category Archives: cholesterol listened intently, along with the rest of the country today, as we learned that the American Medical Association formally voted to classify obesity a disease requiring a range of medical interventions in the United States. More than 35 percent … Continue reading

Posted in Cancer, cancers, Cardiovascular disease, Childhood Obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, heart health, obesity | Tagged , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment found some good news for diabetics today that might not simply help them control their blood sugar levels, but might also lessen their risk of heart attacks and stroke. A study released this week found that daily consumption of … Continue reading

Posted in beans, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, legumes | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment found some very positive information today to share with our community. We find so much bad news out there, that we’re always happy to call your attention to positive, natural manners to improve your health and well being. It … Continue reading

Posted in an apple a day, apples, cholesterol, heart disease, heart health, LDL cholesterol | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment is constantly fascinated by the changing lenses through which particular foods are viewed. Do you remember back in the 90’s when the “no-fat” craze had us turning to completely fat-free products, thinking they were good for us. Did anyone, … Continue reading

Posted in cholesterol, Uncategorized | Tagged , , , , , , | Leave a comment realizes that millions of people start out their mornings reading from the breakfast menu at a local McDonald’s. Their daily options range from oatmeal to english muffins, to sausage and egg McMuffins, to pancakes, and more. However, some may … Continue reading

Posted in cholesterol, controversial ingredients, diet, food, food facts,, health, McDonald's, nutrition, obesity, sugar | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment mission is to educate consumers on making more educated and well-thought food choices. We’ve gotten many questions in the past regarding the controversy with trans-fat. We’re going to explain the background on trans-fats with tips on how to avoid … Continue reading

Posted in cholesterol, diet, food, food facts,, health, heart health, hydrogenated fats, nutrition, obesity, oils, saturated fat, trans fat | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment would like to report that McDonald’s president, Jan Fields, announced today that the major fast-food franchise will now be serving healthier happy meals for their younger customers. Regardless of criticism, this is quite a big deal for many of … Continue reading

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Imagine pouring one and a half teaspoons of salt directly into your mouth. Can you taste it? Blah, blech! You’d shed an ocean of tears trying to choke down those tongue-tingling crystals. Yet, if you’re a typical American, you eat … Continue reading

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McDonald’s and plenty of other fast food chains are all jumping on the “healthy” food bandwagon. But don’t let the marketing schemes fool you. Take McDonald’s for example,(they are the most widely known with some of the best marketing) we … Continue reading

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New York City is welcoming back basketball All-Star Carmelo Anthony with open arms and what better way for the Big Apple to celebrate then with an iconic deli sandwich. “The Melo” isn’t just any sandwich though, it’s New York City … Continue reading

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