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Brownwood Farms Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Milk In Fruit Preserves And Fruit Butter Products

Williamsburg, MI - Brownwood Farms is recalling approximately 260,000 total units of the listed products, because they contain undeclared milk. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction, if they consume these products. The affected products were distributed across the United States through distributors, retailers and on-line sales from the Brownwood Farms website. All products listed below with the referenced “Best by” dates are included in this recall. “Best by” dates are indicated on labels affixed to the bottom of all affected products. The affected products are all packaged in glass containers with metal lids. BROWNWOOD FARMS ISSUES ALLERGY ALERT ON UNDECLARED MILK IN THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS: AMERICA’S ORIGINAL CHERRY BUTTER 12 oz. – UPC 018303-005011- with best by dates before 09/28/2018 AMERICA’S ORIGINAL CHERRY BUTTER 22oz. – UPC 018303-005301- with best by dates before 09/28/2018 AMERICA’S ORIGINAL CHERRY BUTTER – 1 Gallon - with best by dates before 09/28/2018 CHERRY RASPBERRY PRESERVES 12 oz. – UPC 018303-005035 - with best by dates before 09/28/2018 CHERRY RASPBERRY PRESERVES – 1 Gallon - with best by dates before 09/28/2018 MICHIGAN CHERRY PRESERVES 12 oz. – UPC 018303-005028 - with best…

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Feeding young athletes

Dedicated student-athletes understand that giving their best to their respective sports go well beyond the playing grounds (or water, for watersports players). As growing, hyperactive individuals, they understand that a huge part of their success has something to do with the foods that they eat.  Fueling up for game-days are a given, and something that most young athletes (and their parents) take seriously. However, packing nutrients for optimum performance does not only apply to game-day meals. Student-athletes need to hone their skills and build stamina at practices, therefore their daily diet must consist of foods that help strengthen their bones, muscles, brain, and their overall health. Aside from school and homework, and practices and games, student-athletes have many other “being kids” things to deal with every day - even more reason that they get proper nourishment from every meal. shares a quick rundown on what young athletes should be eating so that they don’t feel depleted of energy: Protein Mature athletes or young ones, protein must be a staple as it rebuilds the muscles after they are worn down. Student-athletes are constantly breaking down muscle fibers with their rigorous training and physically-demanding games. Sources: Turkey Boneless and skinless chicken breast Steaks…

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